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I have an idea but i don't know what it is-

You should really stay hydrated in this hot weather! you know.

-all credits to the creator of the art i use in my profile photos :3

I'm a fan of:

Inspector Gadget original, movies and remakes like
Gadget and the gadgetinis, the 2015 remake..



Top Cat

Back to the Future

Inglorious bastards and other war based films

My own animated trilogy that i'm currently working on: UKRIEGER

Rick and Morty

Bates Motel

Rain man

any kind of drama, cartoon or stuff.


Would anyone do me a free commission who draws humans!!???? Plz

(So um i made up this rap/song.
the stuff in bold is the rapping btw.
I'm probs gonna ask beatrix to sing this XD
I'm making this up as i go along its hard work credit me plzz o-o)

 Morty met a gadget loaded faggot, he's a come and kill' em guy who knows how to fly with a helicopter hat and knows a twat with a heavy metal bat and a creepy black mask-
Take a short trip in a look alike rocket space ship, it- it- it's what what- now you say it-

*5102 Gadgets raspy voice lol*
hey kid shut it up or ill blow your insides out- 
Wh-welcome to the future better adjust to the pressure cuz' ctOS is the only eye on you.

*Wrenches rapping/singing now*
s-s- So what!?
Lemme take that off you cuz your messing with the boys, the hakcers of the overlookers just call us DedSec- 

Ha - ha.. ha.
BOOM! motherfucker welcome to the real life like living like you got no life already how-sad not gonna live for long if you keep getting this all wrong, lemme show ya how it's done kid- oh- oh- no.

So guess what!?
We like to hack traffic lights with our phones just for fun-
just for fun-
Edgy usernames remaining anonymous trollin' and rolling through the streets takin' on being chased down by cops but they lost- lost- lost- us- us- as-usual.
Pullin' out our guns just for fun-
just for fun-
Blasting through secured doors because ctOS security system is lame, eh.

Guy called taivern all shady n' shit with a raspy ass voice acting all tough turnin' on you at the end of his lazer-gun
noticeable sociopathic tendencies get over it kid, at least you can live to see another man get fucked in the head cuz his sister is dead- wait what- hes a robot, the fuck is there anything wrong with him hes just a pile of scrap metal nicknamed gadget cuz hes full of upgraded gadgets that are made useless these days anyways.

(aight i might finish this rap lol but there you go)
Totally lieutenant gadget:

Gadget: ''What's that?''

You: ''a bag of chips''

Gadget: ''What's a chip?''

You: ''A dehydrated potato''

Gadget: ''Dehydrated!? You should really get it some water!'' 


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DoodlebugIGBeatle Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Traditional Artist
Did you mention me in something a minute ago? I think it may have gotten deleted in my notifications
Phusullevett Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Ugh nevermind the thing I posted isn't even showing up so I can't mention you In it again -_-
DoodlebugIGBeatle Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Traditional Artist
Aww man. That sucks. I'm sorry about that
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Phusullevett Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
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